It is in Vestô’s DNA to actively participate in socially geared initiatives. We do believe that we can jointly contribute to the positive transformation of people's lives through causes and actions such as the democratization of education and access to food. Therefore, through the We Light Institute, we donate 2% of the value of each sold piece of clothing to the low-income communities of Maré and Jacarezinho in Rio de Janeiro state. Unitedly, we become a network of positive socioenvironmental transformations, and we encourage conscious consumers make part of it!

We joined our partner Rede Asta, whose mission is to train and transform low-income female seamstresses and artisans into small and economically independent entrepreneurs, and donated 8 kg of organic waste (silk, denim, and cambric) and 35 meters of sustainable fabric, which will be transformed into new products. We are proud to make part of this beautiful renewal process!

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